Each of us has at some time in our life felt the pangs and pains of breaking up a close relationship with someone special.

It doesn’t have to be a marriage or engagement to tear at our heartstrings. It can be moving cities. Even as a child it is distressing to leave friends behind whilst our parents relocate us to a different town, state, county or even country.

Equally traumatic is to lose a loved one to some natural disaster or at someone else’s hand or because they chose to leave. Every part of our being yearns for one more day, hour or just another conversation. Sometimes it is with remorse we face our future without them. And so it is with marriage breakdowns we can feel completely turned inside out. We may in some circumstances entertain ending our life to avoid the pain and loneliness of a solo journey without them. We may have aggression towards the person we love or any possible deemed substitute for us arriving in their life. Jealousy can have its own dangerous agenda.

Life’s puzzles may be difficult to unravel when we have to endure so much pain to replace the pleasure of enjoying the other person’s presence and the comfort this offered us. We may even blame God or fate or some other force that has meddled in our affairs terminating our life’s happiness.

It may be of assistance in these circumstances to endeavor to comprehend the bigger spiritual picture of why we have any turmoil in our life at all. It is not meant to be that way and there is an easier way to live our life, enjoy our family members, love and communicate with them beyond their passing on if we will be prepared to embrace a bigger picture of our purpose for being here.

Each of us has a solo journey yet the advertising would have us believe that we will never find happiness without amalgamating our energy with another. The churches throughout time have encouraged the advancement of this fantasy whilst the people actively promoting it were probably living celibacy.

Why were they doing that? Perhaps the higher authorities knew that a person in a relationship style they were promoting could not work successfully on himself or herself because their main focus could become the relationship in lieu of tending their flock. Also without the opportunity for sharing intimately with a partner, they needed to communicate what they were putting together about their own self-investments. Without those self-exploratory engagements, there would be little to reveal to the faithful on a pulpit. The day-to-day troubles pleasing others they feel obligated to could be distracting; and raising children to be religiously correct, a full time occupation.

The temptations of today have shown themselves to be greater than traditional ones and men of the cloth are becoming seen as not the great way-showers they once were perhaps because of this. Conceivably this is a greater loss than at first glance. In the past whilst couples were foregoing personal growth to dedicate themselves to the demands of building a family, those detached individuals were available to counsel them through their difficulties as they hit the turmoil created by living illusions instead of the reality of being a soul. Today people in this turmoil often struggle to find the answers they need. Relationship breakups amplify the folly of investing our future in others at the expense of losing who we are, our journey and its purpose.

Each of us is on a solo journey, we may not have grasped that yet — and people come and go in our life as needed for our spiritual growth. It is not what we want but what we need that fate blows in through our front door. When we invest in a lifetime of grief at losing a loved one, we are often not yearning for them but for ourselves, that part of us enmeshed in their life that we feel we have lost. This loss is the love they had for us. If we do not have love for ourselves then we will forever be tied to another to keep our motivation for living alive. We will forever wear shackles. Because we are not living our identity as a soul, we may feel we have nothing else without them, but we do. We have a whole journey that is action packed learning about ourselves that is enough to fill any sincere person’s agenda for a lifetime.

If we love ourselves we are free. And we grant that free will to others. We accept and respect the spiritual journey that we are on and that others are on. We release ourselves to the greater good. We may not understand the process of but know of its existence and know to trust it. We do not need to remove our presence from our family life but rather our possessiveness. Know that each soul within a family is really on their own mission. We need to support them not inhibit their free will.

It is not that we don’t want to love others passionately, as we feel the urge. The simple truth is we are love. We need to love others with our breath out as we love ourselves with our breath in: it is our true energy. Each person who enters our life means different types of involvements. Some we have more affinity with: we naturally have more intimacy with them. But we do not want to tie our fortunes to their’s or anyone’s because of the transitory type of journey a soul lives on Planet Earth. We can invest our time, as much as we wish but not our future – that only belongs to us, as their future belongs to them. To go against this would mean we are investing in an illusion, which will only cause us heartache when eventually it is shattered.

If these are new revelations we can continue to do the same things we are doing daily but it would be healthy to invest in an attitude change. Our focus in life needs to involve our feelings for ourselves first and foremost. Secondly from the pivot of that loyalty we can invite people into our lives because we are mature enough to handle the challenges wisely.

The moment we put “my” in front of another person’s identity we dilute his or her power and potential to back us in our life. We possess them and in doing that we ensure they are somehow a shadow of who we are rather than a shadow of their guidance who is all knowing and has amazing wisdom to contribute to their and our lives. We can inhibit their growth deliberately if it challenges our expectations or dominion over them. When we do that detrimentally their guidance will often move them away from our influence.

Even those souls who incarnate as our children are not ours but rather souls like us travelling their journey for clarification and healing. They need to be given the same unconditional love, respect and backing to be themselves. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder with all souls we have special relationships with and allow them their journey sharing it only when there is energy for it and we are embraced by the experience it is offering.

Trust in the power and strength of their guidance and the loyalty and dedication of our guidance when we need to walk a different path. It is as it is meant to be for the duration of our separation and when our paths cross again even if it is in another lifetime it will be a rich and rewarding experience if we have had the courage to release our expectations.



When we appreciate that our life is a system of living, it is easier to understand that we ourselves are a living system.  Whether we are in a body or in spirit we still have to obey the laws of our own system.  It is the acknowledging of this process that helps us to more expediently identify ‘who we are, where we are going and why’ in a more detached, less emotional way.

This helps explain why we don’t always receive what we want when we think we deserve it.  And if we do acquire it, it may be in a protracted, time-enlightening way.  This is because we are a system:- everything that happens to us has a multi dimensional explanation, which at times may even appear to contradict itself.   In pursuing these contradictions we gain enlightenment.  We can be puzzled by our own modus operandi.

To simplify it, realize that in this vast universal galaxy system of ours, we are here on this planet at this time to heal ourselves.  First of all we need to have a spiritual wound, and recognition of the difficulties it creates in our eternal life, to stimulate the desire to heal ourselves.   Without aspiration, there will be little incentive for us to pursue the appropriate manner of healing available to us in this lifetime. 

How passionate we approach the cure of our injury will depend on how deep the wound is and how much it affects our life.  Each person’s path and purpose is different and unique but those with whom we have affinity can frequently offer us a reflection of some of the controversies we face in our own life.  In other words if we can see their trouble we can be certain it is similar to ours.  We are either regrouping it, living it or about to engage in it.

It may appear very unconventional to imagine that our whole life here on Planet Earth is to offer us the opportunity to heal trauma in our aura: traumas, which we are about to learn, we deliberately inflict on ourselves through the choices we make before we incarnate.  But that is only as it appears at the first glance, which is an intellectual misinterpretation.  There is much more to it than that…

The most difficult understanding we have to come to accept then move beyond is that we are omnipotent, all knowing, all understanding, all wise, all forgiving, and we are a reflection of what we imagine our God or Deity to be.  We are unlimited! This revelation can be a painful truth that can be gut wrenching, awe inspiring and incredible all at once.

As we absorb this reality it is easy to imagine the metaphor that in our omnipotent flight our wings have somehow been damaged and we are presently unable to ascend on our previous flight paths.   This may give us the drive to have a lifetime on Planet Earth, a place that offers exceptional opportunity to regrow our divinity.  It then very easily equates with the idea that we come here to regain our wings since they appear so invisible, along with the qualities that accompany them.

The primary wound we have come to heal we deliberately intertwine in our scripted life, seeking to develop it in our first seven years.  We choose our parents for that specific purpose and that is why they are so important to us throughout our lives.  They not only give us a body but they provide the perfect opportunity for us to evolve through storm and tempest to arrive at a place of peace and enlightenment. The system of our life is divided in to seven cycles of seven years each.  (Any additional cycles that we remain for beyond these first forty-nine years are just extra time we need, or take, to reinforce our healing).

How does this wound manifest into a planetary tendency?  It is an amazing process.  The parents we choose and the siblings they choose for us to share our life with, represent either the ailment or the cure for us  (or portions of both).  Our family may also represent the people we have loved the least, or the most in previous incarnations.  We may struggle through our first seven years, misunderstood, abandoned, rejected, misinterpreted, abused, lonely, or any of these.

We usually have one parent that really supports us spiritually and one that is a very good likeness of ourselves out of balance.  It is in this laboratory of life that we are raised and through which we usually conquer a greater understanding of our soul and its pathways.

If we choose not to evolve beyond our present status, we are doomed to repeat the process in another lifetime.  Depending on our progress with the veracity of this profound realization, our next incarnation will be in a better state of affairs or perhaps even worse.  One fact is certain:- that no one is permitted to intervene in our spiritual life uninvited by our spiritual overseers without attracting some negative karma for himself or herself, or becoming unwittingly embroiled in our life’s turmoil.

After we finally emerge from our first seven years we will, if following an ideal timely evolvement, use the remaining six cycles to grow spiritually back to our true divine selves (or as close as we can manage in a world that applauds imperfection).  Again we have free will in this. Religions, the traditional keepers of spiritual truth, despite having an enormous grasp on these realities over centuries have generally not educated their flock in this system of gaining enlightenment, which is why we are so mystified by ourselves.

Our second seven-year cycle is the business of planning our lifetime around our healing.  We may feel guided towards certain involvements that give us pleasure and incentive. We can be attracted to learn about professions that help us understand ourselves better.   We are also at the time living as a student of life and fielding a desire to learn more about what makes us feel emotional and how to conquer control of ourselves.

Our third cycle is where we approach the feelings of building our own platform of social interaction to help us learn more about ourselves as distinct from belonging to a family.   We source our individuality.  We find those we have affinity with and sometimes our relationships with them can appear obsessive.

In our fourth cycle we consolidate the information of the first 3 cycles, particularly paying attention to our first seven years and using our newly found maturity to view it in a different perspective.  If we are unable to reconcile any tumultuous years, we may cut the silver cord and pass on.

Our fifth, sixth and seventh cycles are more steps on our pathway to enlightenment.  Some of our experiences may slow or accelerate our growth spiritually and we may hit these cycles early or late.  We certainly cannot elevate ourselves until we regroup the wisdom each of our cycles offers us.  Often we appear immature to others more advanced.

Pursuing the understanding of ourselves is the greatest gift that anyone can offer us.   That is why we need to honour our parents for the gift we have been given and likewise receive respect from our children.



Living in a world full of distractions and social interactions, the idea of taking responsibility for anything outside of perceived family duties combined with the employment we have assigned our time to, may seem too much of a stretch of our comfort zones. Other than taking responsibility for what we eat and when we sleep, we may deem other accountabilities unrealistic.

We are living in a world that distributes blame like it does newspapers and in coordination with such communications; we live in amphitheaters as spectators watching unfortunate people making mistakes in their lives, thrown to the lions through media outlets to feed our voracious hunger and unquenchable thirst for entertainment and gossip.

As these victims are tossed in the media amphitheater their lives ultimately worthless as its consequence, we retain a safe invisible seat albeit temporarily, sheltering in the sanctuary of our homes, which overlook these stadiums through the tools available in these 21st century state of the art communication systems.

Being a commonplace and daily occurrence, we may not even stop to ponder our part in continuing this primitive and godless instinct until adverse circumstances may involve us.

As a society, it can be the consequences of us avoiding taking collective responsibility. When we instead have a healthy conscience for everything that happens around us, in our environment or even beyond it, we keep our own inner power solid and pivoted to protect us. If we don’t have an attitude of spiritual maturity we usually find ourselves handcuffed in life and a victim of misdeeds and bad intentions because we are shackled and unable to protect ourselves.

What does taking responsibility then really mean?
Taking responsibility is using a positive attitude to the challenging events that present themselves in our lives in lieu of blaming others for their formation.
If we denounce people we believe create incidents that impact negatively on our enjoyment of life, we keep the handcuffs on. Each of us is energy, have energy and influence energy. Energy is the unseen layers that create the format for thoughts deeds or actions. Sensitive people often action those messages without discernment or even realization that they are an outside force. They can interpret them through a confused mist that is their thought processes. When we don’t take responsibility for these energies that can impact on our existence there can be negative consequences. It can also mean we as a society, share culpability for anything that happens around us regardless of whether or not we were directly involved. We also have a part to play in finding solutions, even though it may be a small part, it is important and it will keep happening until we do.

What is it that we need to do, if it appears to have nothing to do with us? Our feelings will guide us through the answers.

We are often delegated tasks early in our life usually by our parents, which may include looking after siblings or animals. This is the beginning of our learning to take care of our environment as well as ourselves. We usually commence this process at the time we begin school. We are typically at an age where we can reason why it is necessary to perform these labors of love. It teaches us not to be too self-indulgent and not become a spectator of life instead of a participant. We feel the power of our own involvement and how it changes options for those around us.

The more we learn self discipline the more control we have over our life. As we build respect for our own self-leadership simultaneously others do too and our opinion matters to them particularly in complications that deal with monumental changes in our life and the lives of those we influence. Frustrations of childhood may then be just a fleeting experience since we have the maturity to control our own destiny.

Too much of a stretch of the imagination? It appears to be becoming more the norm for children born today. There is a sense of inherent maturity amongst many of them that may not have been the standard in previous generations.

What is the alternative to this natural process of evolution? It is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of authority figures, fear of rejection, abandonment, violence and the lists grow longer as we shackle ourselves to these unattractive alternatives to self leadership. Our energy grows smaller and we can become or remain a victim. We may believe we have to manipulate to protect ourselves and we depend on outside influences making pagan gods of material possessions such as money, wealth, guns, ammunition, security systems, cars, and the list of wants grows longer with each of our vulnerabilities we uncover.

When we are actively involved in the changing process we feel empowered as we have felt in other lifetimes. We become conquerors! We live fearlessly! We can be counted with. Our own power inspires us and grows with our accomplishments.

When tragedy befalls us we need to find answers, real answers and fear is not one that is going to work for us and offer us any solutions. Finding answers gives us opportunity to discover our potential. We are involved in forging change. Making the world a better place. When we live the purity of our energy unburdened we are passionate in these aspirations. We just have to tap into that ocean of life that lives there within us and begin a new destiny captaining our own journey of life ship.


Accessing Our Inner Truth using Discernment:

Beyond sensitivity there is discernment – we need to capture its attributes to live the peace and joy of our true love nature.
Discernment is specific information defined through the process of refining our sensitivity to deliver us useable relevant facts moment by moment.”

Discernment is not something we can acquire by reading textbooks. It requires patient, singular attention to what we feel moment by moment partitioning it into various unobvious but answerable questions and formulating them as follows:

a) Into a big picture which answers the question – what?
b) A timing of duration or commencement answering the question when?
c) A direction or physical place related to answering the question where?
d) Finally the all-important: why am I feeling it? Or why is it occurring? Thus finalizing our evaluation.

True discernment further demands that we practice detachment as we evaluate these answers, which usually are delivered, layered both in timing and understanding. Emotion will typically adversely influence a factual outcome for our enquiry. The answers to our questions come through our feelings and if we are more evolved with a workable technique of communication with our angels, we can liaise directly with them.

Using the Internet as a metaphor, which delivers massive amounts of data indiscriminately (symbolic of our sensitivity), which we cannot adequately absorb or process in its entirety. It is also a skill we need to acquire to surf the web without wasting our precious time. We need to continuously make our own investigations based on the information at hand (discernment) to render an evaluation whether it is beneficial or useless.

It could be inviting peril to ignore feelings of unease, as they are the alarms that our sensitivity delivers us before events that could currently affect our inner peace. Adversity may be imminent and our sensitivity offers us this early alarm system empowering us to make any necessary adjustments to avoid any possible calamity.

We, each of us, have sensitivity naturally but in varying levels of awareness. In some situations we may attempt to discern incidences and completely misconstrue their veracity because we are ill informed. In these circumstances, it is wise to leave any conclusions open ended and perhaps put them on a mental shelf for later clarification and not participate in opinion forming exercises which can engage unnecessary fears of the unknown. Subsequently these fears can often control and modify our enjoyment of our life.

Regrettably in the absence of discernment we more often make rash judgments about situations. These judgments may embody false interpretations of what we are observing thus creating fear or confrontations in our life.

An intellectual interpretation of Discernment would be:
Using a refined ability to evaluate accurately.
In more spiritual terms: It is described in the Dictionary under Christian contexts: “perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding.” Adding further “without providing for a time of healing and discernment there will be no hope of living through this present moment without a shattering of our common life”

Watching the news can be very disturbing and upset our natural discernment when it is proffered with personality disallowing our own ability to “discern and evaluate” because the facts we believe are available are sensationalized thus disguising the truth.

We can also really only successfully discern to the extent of our own self understanding or in simple terms the further we dig and explore within the easier it becomes to recognize and evaluate what is happening around us.

There is a quote by Hesychios the Priest from 9th or 10 century that puts it in perspective.

“We ought at all times to wait for the enlightenment that comes from above before we speak; for there is nothing so destitute as a soul philosophizing about God when it is without him”

We can if it feels more comfortable on our journey of enlightenment, substitute God for our guidance, angels or inner impressions.

If the importance of Discernment is a relatively new idea then there is a simple technique that will assist us to avoid a temptation to attach any implausible explanations to our observations:

Take a moment to try to put yourself in the position of the person/people or place yourself within the events you are about to assess. In other words reverse the situation. Then endeavor to explain the facts of the situation to those people who may be observing you, and inventing reasons for your actions. Just allow your inner self to fill in the blanks. It is like a theatre where you are playing a part in a play.

This exercise may help you dismiss the outside influences that are trying to exploit and manipulate you with their loveless theories or their opportunistic attempts to exploit victims in their ploy to sell newspapers or increase television ratings through dramatizing events at the expense of the truth.

Using the two techniques included in this blog, the first for gathering information with your sensitivity, answering the questions to establish discernment before leaping to any conclusions, then placing yourself within the events to further support your comprehension, you can allow yourself positive steps to acquiring inner peace.




Make friends with the angels, who though invisible are always with you. Often invoke them, constantly praise them, and make good use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs.
Saint Francis de Sales

Have you ever felt passionate about commencing a new adventure, which made you feel impatient to begin? The anticipation maybe so high that moments can drag into minutes, the minutes growing slowly to hours and hours feel like days meandering indifferently by as our enthusiasm builds. We may feel exasperated with other events in our life.

Perhaps eventually as you begin, you find yourself unable to sleep, eagerly awaiting your next lesson or next step? These are normal “feeling reactions”. Although we may also worry about our success or failure in unchartered waters, our passion drives us beyond its obstacles. There are very real reasons for us to feel this way, as we create passageways for our soul part to direct our life using our feelings as its Director.

The real explanation for this is that our innate omnipotent nature wants opportunity to continually refine itself:
• To undertake challenges not previously presented.
• To learn skills we have never had occasion to take part in.
That is why we love to do new things, which in turn helps us build a greater enthusiasm for life.

Angels have already mastered the lessons we are here to learn, and they may have done that recently or possibly a long time ago. This motivates me to share an experience of mine.

One day I was cruising along in a very fast comfortable car late at night, challenging the speed limits, when one of my angels communicated very clearly that they wanted to make a request. I was instantly enthralled. This was a new sensation – something that had never occurred before – and the idea of me being able to offer my angels anything amazed me. What could I possibly offer an angel – advice? Not likely – they are connected to ‘the all’ and have ‘all intelligence’ available at all times. Perhaps they wanted me to make a connection with a person or people, which had happened many times before but also, presented this way, it offered an intriguing possibility. These thoughts raced through my mind whilst I was anticipating my response.

I was always asking favors of my angels and sometimes even believing I was stretching the boundaries of our friendship in doing so. When were they going to say ‘enough’? I immediately replied: ‘yes, anything, please just ask me’. I was overwhelmed to learn that the favor was that my angel wanted to drive my car. I rechecked this to ensure my comprehension of this request was accurate. It was. Spontaneously I asked what that meant and how that was possible. It was such a simple ordinary thing to do, drive a car, how could anyone unlimited and angelic want to do that? After all I sometimes felt, I almost lived in a car so why would an angel who has everything at their command including heaven or nirvana, want to drive my car? And how was this going to happen? Checking those physically present and available mortals, I only came up with one option and that was me.

Hearing my thoughts, my angel replied he had never been on Planet earth during the era of cars and wanted to acquaint himself with the feeling of driving. My next question was to ask if it was safe to do this. Of course it was, I was reassured, or it would not be requested. I released my control of the wheel and although my hands never appeared to leave the wheel, they were not the force driving the car. I felt the full impact of my angel taking charge of the steering wheel as he entered my aura. I felt the accelerator nudge the speed limit, and the feeling of elation he was transmitting became my experience too. I could feel joy, yes, that was definitely the experience. It was exhilarating. I felt elevated almost beyond time and space and safer on the road than I had ever felt. This was so amazing – a miracle feat of energy I was participating in. After what seemed a long and wondrous string of moments, the angel thanked me and then suddenly I was released back in control again and I felt myself take the wheel commandingly. I was driving again and singing loudly and joyously for the rest of the journey, settling into evaluating the incredible encounter I had which was going to change my life and my attitude forever.

I was grateful for the opportunity to convert a seemingly meaningless routine into something magical. Thus I now ascribe feelings of joy to many different routine opportunities I may have otherwise viewed as mundane. Perhaps this was the lesson he wanted me to learn!

I was gathering more information on who I really am, in my angel’s reflection: an energy being, who wants the opportunity to learn new skills. This, I decided was really what drives my soul – new challenges, new skills, and opportunity. I can now so easily relate to my angel’s desire to drive.


Expanding Our Sensitivity – Using the Eye of our Soul: • To see the unseen, • Know the unknown, • Hear the Unspoken word, • Feel the Unexpressed,

“No man can teach another self-knowledge. He can only lead him or her up to self-discovery – the source of truth.”  Barry Long

You may, if you have read my book The Constitution of Our Soul or read my previous blogs or have awakened to self-understanding through your own investigation, agree that we have two natures: one to direct our physical opportunity (our body) and one to navigate the big picture spiritual purpose for being here on Planet Earth (our soul).

As we absorb the truth of this we can also begin to accept that we have two intellects with as much disparity between them as our two natures.

The intellect of our physical opportunity is the one that we are most familiar with. We use it everyday to organize our life. For many of us it may be our entire reality. We may have believed until recently that our life in the world was determined by how refined our physical intellect had become: how much knowledge we had squashed into it, refined into useable information and retained. We may panic if we can’t remember things on a need-to-use basis, believing we have hit the doom and gloom button or hit the bottom of our reality.

You may be surprised to discover you have another intellect that is all-knowing, all-powerful and retains everything that happens always, even the details of the most horrific memories you may try to erase in your search for peace of mind.
This other intellect is part of your soul. The immortal quality or nature that you have not been officially educated to access (except in extra curriculum activities we seek out ourselves) or through life’s learning lessons when the pathway to it you may stumble upon. (There are few colleges with the right information willing to educate you without offering you a controlled future),

If the intellect of our soul is so powerful, why then don’t we use it?

That is a good question and one neither I, nor I believe anyone else, can adequately answer.
Everyone who has stumbled on it, or consciously taken a pathway to unfold their two natures with any kind of refinement, has certainly written about it or shared copious amounts of the wisdom of their experiences using it. It is that type of revelation, like a near death experience you feel compelled to share with others.

Using this intellect is not going to be an overnight solution for people with memory problems. It takes time to tune it to our conscious life. But if you want to refine all aspects of your life and increase your awareness of what is available for you to use, it is welcome news.

Where do you begin?

Sensitivity is the intellect of our soul. It is here that we commence our journey of awareness by using our sensitivity in an intelligent factual way to benefit ourselves.

If you have ever felt nervousness, apprehension, anxiety, fear, dread, discomfort in certain situations, this is your sensitivity working. The problem is that its messages are not being property translated. You feel something but because you are unfamiliar with this nature of your soul and how it operates, you translate its natural 24-hour processing and delivering of information into fear instead of discernment.

What is the difference?

There can be an enormous inconsistency between what we think and what we feel. The information that our knowledge-based intellect produces is inconsistent with the truth of what we are feeling because it is unable to discern. It will then attempt to use its programming to make all kinds of wild guesses or fear based fantasies instead of useable facts. It is like trying to research information through an internet forum which is full of conflicting opinions and half truths.

When we are inexperienced in our ability to discern, we need to ask our angels or higher selves “What is the what, the ‘when’, the ‘where’ and the ‘why’ of what I am feeling?”

We then need to wait for these replies through a relaxed meditative system of communication. It may take days or months to unfold depending on our level of consciousness or in other words our ability to process the answers. The subsequent messages we may receive in key words, feeling impressions, inner knowing or visions.

We have begun!

We are on the road to the most powerful, innovative, life transformation available on the planet! Our sensitivity is like our voice, our ears, our intelligence, our sense of touch – it is all over us pulsating every moment of our life uninterrupted and predominantly unintelligible until we take conscious (awakened) steps to understand what it is transmitting to us.

When we do the results produce unimaginable life elevations. The “truth” itself is the most powerful weapon in our armory against everything that confronts us. We have to use our sensitivity to learn how to hold such a weapon and use it for our greater understanding of ourselves and the environment around us. Beyond it are all those wonderful feelings of fulfillment, contentment, serenity, inner peace etc.



“Let us forgive each other, only then will we live in peace” Leo Tolstoy 

In the last week there have been a myriad of messages reaching out to me about forgiveness. They made such an impact that I really felt I needed to do a Blog about it. Firstly I was inspired by the words of a Victim of the Aurora shooting tragedy Pierce O’Farrill. Link here:

In spite of the amazing ordeal Pierce went through, believing he was going to die, and bravely facing death, he then began considering others and the effect his death may have on them; and the events that followed are all recorded in the interview with him. It is worth the investment of time to watch.

Immediately after being a spectator of such a profound message of forgiveness, I decided to watch the movie ‘A Thousand Words’ starring Eddie Murphy for a little light entertainment. This soon propelled me into receiving more messages about forgiveness. I feel confident that this movie also serves as a powerful spiritual message not just for me but also for many caught in old anger and even those unaware they have any. For me the movie message was easy to digest because of its refined humorous platform

To understand the mechanics of messages we receive via the Internet or movies: We are each of us not only an Angel in retraining, but also a specific type of angel. (It is real that we are all angels that lost our way). The lines of angels are too numerous to mention but include Forgiveness Angels. Others include Truth Angels, Vision Angels, Avenging Angels, Compassion Angels, Revelation Angels or any other positive healing word such as Magnetic, Impetus and Passion etc.

I feel very touched by the words of Pierce O’Farrill, believing that he had to live to spread the powerful message of forgiveness. Thankfully, he did live to tell his story. His message inspired me to evaluate my own history of forgiveness. It turns out I did come up short on self-forgiveness.

Giving and receiving forgiveness is a powerful mode of healing and invoking it made a great difference to a recent health challenge I was facing. Why do we need to give forgiveness to ourselves and others? Besides the possibility of delivering profound miraculous physical healings, we can also experience an immense freedom from emotional trauma we may be presently enduring.

Now to describe more adequately this feeling of giving and receiving forgiveness: Most of our anger at others can be traced to anger at ourselves for some error of judgment or emotional debacle we created, perhaps through misunderstanding, or alternatively, some leftover memories we have buried. An accumulation of misdeeds (or assumed misdeeds) that our soul holds vivid memories of but consciously we may be afraid to navigate through because our opinion of ourselves, is already a challenged rhetoric. This then delays our ability to release it. It also keeps the anger that we don’t know we have, building. As we begin to remember, we may acknowledge but not deal with the healing adequately enough to release it.

This is an amazing message: Clean up the past easily with forgiveness. In my book The Constitution of Our Soul, I gave a technique for this. One can use this specifically for any buried memory of misadventure and as each memory surfaces we need to specifically forgive our part in whatever we feel burdened by.



Each of us is a soul having an experience on Planet Earth for a specific purpose and duration, which will usually terminate when we have completed our life purpose. We call this passing on, transition. Although our earthly body stays on Planet Earth with our physical intellect, our eternal, immortal nature, our soul, moves out and returns to its true home in the universe.

If we have opened ourselves to self-discovery, understanding we are a soul and we are immortal, there are no surprises for us when we pass on. We will be looking for our next opportunity. We regroup ourselves with the backing of our angels, wrap up the business of the identity we took during our earthy sojourn, say goodbye, and move on to greater things.

If we are not awakened, we may attempt to remain on planet earth around those we feel we have unfinished business with or who we may desire to remain close to. Unfortunately this misunderstanding can be very costly to us in time. And as a soul, time is all we have of lasting value.

Spending time trying to live the past, lingering in oblivion will not only completely deplete our energy but also make us emotional and irrational. We then affect the people we love in the same way.

As we may have witnessed in the countless movies that offer us insights into the afterlife such as The Sixth Sense, nobody even appreciates our attempts to continue our life as an invisible entity. Our loved ones move on, replacing us with others in their life. Another person may even adequately fulfill the employment we may have felt so indispensible in.

Imagine the frustration each day must produce as we attempt to advise those we care about on how to live their life as they move on impervious to our presence!

Alternatively if we make transition, as is our natural destiny, returning to our home in the Universe, we can with the changes we have forged during our lifetime, begin to resurrect our omnipotence, setting energy for a new lifetime if that is what we desire. While we are doing this we have the opportunity to visit loved ones if they are in need of our energy perhaps to help them through a difficult time.

As there is no such thing as death, we are also ever present even though our form may change its identity from time to time.

Transition offers us a new beginning: new opportunity, new things to learn, new identities and new skills. Why would we want to avoid it?


Spirit and Spiritual Definitions


Many people ask me what is the difference between their guardian angels and spirit.

Our guardian angels are a team of master souls whose opportunity it is to guide us exclusively during our lifetime on Planet Earth. They can also be referred to as spirit but that is only a general term for them.

They are not involved with others whose paths we are unlikely to cross. Our personal team of angels assists us throughout our life playing a predominant role in setting the energy for the duration of our time here and creating experiences we may need. They support us to educate ourselves about who we are, where we came from and why we are here.

Our angels help us understand that we are energy and are universal to contradict any misleading ideas we may adopt about our true identity. Initially we may believe our reason for existence is to play the role of a son or daughter. Then as we mature, we may believe we are here principally to take part in a larger family, community, race, religion, creed or nationality. Sometimes even to participate in a culture rather than acknowledging these are merely props to help stimulate memories that we need to heal.

Our angels and all angels and other higher beings, some who have never had lifetimes, are referred to as spirit.  It is the big picture description of all of us as souls and the energy we collectively contribute to, use and belong to.

If we look at planet earth’s big picture we are described as human beings. Depending on our state of consciousness, this may presently be our only reality. We may have not begun of our journey of self-discovery.  This means there is a wonderful adventure awaiting us. We can uncover ourselves and open to our profound potential beyond the limited perspective of our present reality.

Although we may feel quite comfortable in our skin, we are really aliens here on planet earth. We come here primarily in the daytime hours and with the inclusion of an intellect, we can act and feel as if we belong to Planet Earth. At night we return home to recharge our energy to enable us to begin our new adventure the following day.  When we don’t sleep for long periods of time, we can become a little irrational in our behavior. This is because we are running out of energy, which is the force that drives us.

The easiest way to introduce any of this new dialogue into your life is to grasp the understanding that you are energy. You are unique, intelligent and immortal spirit and it is highly probable that, like most of us on Planet Earth, you are suffering from amnesia.  When we consciously question who we are, the authenticity of being a soul begins to reveal itself.


Taming the Wilderness of the Future

Crystal Ball Colors

For many of us the future is some kind of Grand Central Station where the trains of our choice arrive and leave, as we desire them to.

In our imagined prospects we may travel the world, find fame, fortune, happiness and/or the elusive perfect relationship. As we dream, we may believe, so it will be.

We may seek out psychics who become part of our invented world; conspiring with us on the life we choose to believe will be ours to live. We can then settle into our newfound dream world anxiously awaiting outcomes whilst making excuses for disappointments as time marches by, indifferent to our predicament.

The future is an unwritten script, an untouched canvas that is not elusive or mystical. There is nothing in the future and our delusion can only render it a forlorn desert. The future will be born out of our deeds for self today. Until we begin to invest in ourselves, the script will remain unwritten and the canvas uninspiring.

In our travels through life, we often encounter people who work the land.  If we are a city dweller we can be struck by, the sharpness of their discernment, the simplicity of their wisdom and the earthy nature of their dialogue. There is a valuable lesson to be learned that they can teach us.

They work the land so they are in touch with the seasons. They plant their seeds or trees and their future is their harvest.  It may, despite the best-laid plans and meticulous attention to detail, at times be sabotaged by climatic extremes.

This is a philosophy they live usually from birth, which keeps them grounded. They are less likely to believe in fantasies and the mystical inclinations of those whose lives follow tedious, repetitive routines and who yearn for something spontaneous to occur to change the predictability of their world.

If we combine the wisdom of the earth dwellers with the reasoning ability of the city folk, we can more readily discern and tame this undiscovered landscape of our future.  It will build from our investments today as words find their way into our script and the paintbrush moves majestically across the canvas of our life experiences. It may be prone to mishaps or misadventures, which will help us become stronger and more flexible as well as extending our skill.

We can then invoke the wisdom we have so often been exposed to that inspires us to keep up our enthusiasm as we navigate the pathway through our true desires, which is the seat of our purpose.

Life is a magical gift that does not need to be enhanced by fantasies.  We have to understand what living our purpose is all about thus enabling us to create joy in our self-discovery recognizing that our purpose in life is not to scale the tallest mountain on planet earth but rather to follow stepping-stones that are achievable.  And which require us to direct our passion not outside of ourselves but to the realities of where we place our footprints.  The sowing of our seeds today in discovering who we are is a wonderful place to commence our journey.  The harvest keeps on producing abundance for us for many lifetimes beyond this one.